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18th-Oct-2017 04:37 pm - Did a Drag Queen in a Demonic Outfit Read a Sexually Explicit Book to Children at a Public Library
Right-wing web sites used alarmist language and false claims to describe a reading event at a California library.
18th-Oct-2017 03:56 pm - Urban Legend: Drilled Wire
A competitor one-ups a company proud of their new ultra-thin wire by drilling a hole through it.
18th-Oct-2017 03:29 pm - Trump Got a Spray Tan in the Oval Office?
A staged photograph actually shows a presidential lookalike.
18th-Oct-2017 12:39 pm - US Rep: Trump Says Fallen Soldier Knew What He Signed Up For
Rep. Frederica Wilson said President Trump told Myeshia Johnson, the widow of a fallen soldier, that he "knew what he signed up for." Trump denies it.
17th-Oct-2017 11:05 pm - Will Burning Bay Leaves Reduce Anxiety?
A chemical compound found in the leaves of the bay laurel may affect mood, but the results are inconclusive and not necessarily relevant to bay leaf smoke.
17th-Oct-2017 10:25 pm - Did a Football Fan Sit on an American Flag While Wearing a Shirt Reading I Stand for the National A
A sports news web site published the photograph, which was taken during a game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots.
17th-Oct-2017 10:05 pm - Did Mexican Drug Cartels Start the California Wildfires?
Disreputable web sites provide no evidence to support a half-baked theory about the cause of the October 2017 fires.
17th-Oct-2017 09:08 pm - Is Ireland Lowering Its Corporate Tax Rate?
Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Called U.S. President Donald Trump's claim "fake news."
17th-Oct-2017 06:55 pm - President Obama Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Weinstein, Weiner, Clinton, and Cosby?
A meme claiming that President Obama awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, and Bill Cosby uses doctored images.
17th-Oct-2017 06:36 pm - Was This Coyote Given a Bath After Being Mistaken for a Dog?
A photograph showing a coyote in a bathtub was circulated with an inaccurate backstory in October 2017.
17th-Oct-2017 04:32 pm - Was Freddy Krueger From Nightmare on Elm Street Based on a Real Serial Murderer?
The explanatory last line of a Halloween joke about a real-life Freddy Krueger was removed in subsequent shares.
17th-Oct-2017 01:52 pm - Trailer Park Boys Actor John Dunsworth Dies at 71
The Canadian actor, who played Mr. Lahey on the comedy series, died after a short illness.
17th-Oct-2017 03:39 am - Is the Mandalay Bay Security Guard Missing?
Police told us that despite widespread rumors and speculation, Jesus Campos is not missing.
17th-Oct-2017 03:11 am - Is Trump Spending More Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Travel than Obama Did?
Despite preliminary indications that the Trump family's government-paid travel expenses are higher than the Obamas', Internet rumors exaggerate the disparity.
17th-Oct-2017 01:18 am - Did a Mandalay Bay Hotel Worker Vanish After Giving an Interview?
A disreputable web site published an illogical and inaccurate conspiracy theory about a valet worker who reportedly had a brush with the Las Vegas gunman.
16th-Oct-2017 10:18 pm - Are Hurricane Maria Survivors Getting Skittle Meals From The Government?
Volunteer veterans, journalists, and others claim that FEMA is providing "meals" that are little more than unhealthy snacks to hurricane victims, but a FEMA spokesperson says images circulating online misrepresent what the agency is doing to help Puerto Ricans.
16th-Oct-2017 07:44 pm - NASA Confirms Existence of Earths Second Moon?
While a discovery from 2016 did reveal the presence of a small asteroid trapped in Earths orbit, this object cannot be classified as a moon.
16th-Oct-2017 07:40 pm - Did Sprinklers Save a House From a Massive Wildfire?
A photograph showing a home with a green lawn surrounded by charred land is real, but the back story accompanying it is incomplete.
16th-Oct-2017 06:59 pm - Did Divers Just Uncover the Lost City of Heracleion?
Divers did uncover the ruins of Thonis-Heracleion, but the discovery was not new in 2017  contrary to the claims of clickbait articles.
16th-Oct-2017 06:37 pm - Was a Woman Killed by a Frozen Shaft of Urine?
An image purportedly showing a woman who was pierced by a urine icicle originated on a 1990s-era British television show.
16th-Oct-2017 06:13 pm - Little Girl Desperately Clings to Screen Door During Hurricane Ophelia?
A video showing a little girl hanging on to a door on a windy day is real, but it was not captured during the hurricane or in Ireland.
16th-Oct-2017 12:54 pm - As Crews Gain Ground, California Fire Victims Return Home
While the danger from the deadliest, most destructive cluster of blazes in California history was not over, the smoky skies started to clear in some places.
16th-Oct-2017 12:48 pm - The Latest: Coroner: Stanford to Study Body of Vegas Shooter
The coroner in Las Vegas says the body of the man who unleashed the deadliest mass shooting in modern history was sent to Stanford University for study.
16th-Oct-2017 12:42 pm - Take a Knee Comes to Germany Through Hertha Solidarity
Hertha Berlin nodded to social struggles in the United States by kneeling before its Bundesliga home game on 14 October 2017.
16th-Oct-2017 12:36 pm - The Latest: Reports: Portugal Fires Death Toll Rises to 31
Portuguese media are reporting that the death toll in the country's spate of deadly wildfires has risen to 31, with several others missing.
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