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8th-Aug-2007 11:18 pm

Hi, you've reached Kris. This journal is set to friends only, but if you'd like to leave your IJ name, IP address, and a good time to return your friending, I will friend you at my earliest convenience. beeeeeeeeeep

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6th-Jan-2009 06:38 pm - Hi
Your Livejournal showed up in the list of referrers to my blog ( I went over there to see what you had linked to, but it was private and wouldn't let me add a "please-like-me-be-my-friend" comment. :(

Anyway, I thought I'd hit you up here instead. Hi.
6th-Jan-2009 06:55 pm - Re: Hi
Oh, hey. Someone had linked me to one of your pages in referance to an icon she had made. :)

Totally friended.
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